Me, Myself and I

Galerie Thomas Modern shows new portrait series by Jim Dine

Ever since the beginning of his career, Jim Dine has been driven by the primordial question of his own existence. Even when still a child, mirrors were said to have fascinated the great American artist, which resulted in an immense number of self-portraits. In parallel to the solo exhibition at the Munich Insurance Chamber, Galerie Thomas Modern is showing a group of works fresh from the press: seven large-format and partly coloured prints titled "Myself”.

There are pragmatic, but also philosophical-psychological reasons why Dine keeps returning to his self-portrait: "I don't have to tell any model to sit still, because I know the guy I'm looking at right now.” And on the other hand: “I don't know who I'm looking at right now. My psychology is the main topic for me, it is the most important topic in my entire career. I find my unconscious incredibly interesting," says Jim Dine in an interview with Antonia Hoerschelmann from Vienna. The curator for modern and contemporary art at the Albertina in Vienna also curated the current exhibition "I never look away" at the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung in Munich.


More about Jim Dine at Galerie Thomas Modern  

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