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Philipp Bauknecht

Philipp Bauknecht was an Expressionist painter and graphic artist. He studied at the Königliche Kunstgewerbeschule in Stuttgart under the famous Art Nouveau artist Bernhard Pankok. A tuberculosis infection forced him to move to Davos in 1910, where he met Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who purchased paintings from Bauknecht himself and helped him find exhibition possibilities in Germany. Bauknecht moved into a farmhouse in the mountains and painted scenes from the working life of the peasants. He married a well-to-do Dutchwoman who returned to the Netherlands with their mutual son after Bauknecht's death in 1933. She took all of his works with her and stored them away. Many of Bauknecht's works were destroyed during the National Socialist period in Germany. Only in the 1960s was his oeuvre rediscovered in the Netherlands.

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