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Peter Halley

New York 1953 - lives in New York

Peter Halley's art is set on Constructivist Colour Field Painting, the composition of his pictures being based on the relationship between - mostly rectangular - forms and the colour fields. As a third element, he adds various colour qualities and surfaces to his repertoire of forms, for instance by using neon and industrial colours or mixing sand or other particles into his paint, adding a three-dimensional relief-quality to his works. On account of these formal aspects of Peter Halley's works, they have been classified as Postmodern Concrete Art and Neo-Geo Art. In terms of content, however, Halley refers to our contemporary semiotic system and forms of communication, especially to digital code systems such as the Internet or circuit diagrams. He perceives this technological structure of the world as a prison of perception, which is why he calls his geometrical colour fields themselves 'prisons'. With his bold colour contrasts and his cultural criticism, Halley combines a powerful aesthetic element with great intellectuality. This makes him one of the leading abstract painters of his generation. More about Peter Halley on our exhibition page: https://www.galerie-thomas.de/peter-halley-gtm-en.html

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