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Simon Schubert

Cologne 1976 - lives in Cologne

By means of the precise, creative technique of folding Simon Schubert creates a three-dimensional space from a simple sheet of paper. In a certain light the impression of spacial depth reveals itself with views of columns and doors, passageways and stairs. These perfectly crafted illusionary rooms usually include a gap in the form of a human silhouette. Absence, disappearance or the internal perception of remembrance are recurring themes in his works on paper and his sculptures. Simon Schubert was born 1976 in Cologne and studied sculpture at the Duesseldorf academy with Prof. Irwin Kamp. He received the ZVAB Phönix-Art prize in 2008. His work was shown in a solo-exhibition at the Bregenz Kunstverein (art association) in 2011.

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