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August Macke

Stilisierte Badende (Stylized bathing woman)

pencil on paper
17,8 x 15,3 cm / 7 x 6 in.
dated lower right

When the editors of the Almanach left the New Artist Association Munich in 1911 in order to organize their own exhibitions under the name "Blauer Reiter" (Blue Rider), Macke joined them. In the first exhibition of the Blue Rider, which in 1911/12 was first presented in Munich, then travelled on to Cologne, Berlin, Hagen and Frankfurt, only three of Macke's paintings were shown, and he felt he was not sufficiently represented. His relations with the Blue Rider was ambivalent; although he was impressed by Kandinsky's works, he found the spiritual requirements of the artists too high and Kandinsky too dominant. In 1912 he participated in the second exhibition of the Blue Rider, which was devoted to graphic works, but artistically he had already distanced himself from the group. Initiated by Franz Marc, in 1912 the two artists painted a wall in Macke's studio with a paradise scene with Adam and Eve, who has a likeness to the present work, the stylized bathing woman of the same year. Provenance available

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