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Max Beckmann

A Walk (The Dream)

India ink on laid paper
32 x 27 cm / 12 5/8 x 10 5/8 in.
signed, dated and inscribed 'A' lower right

The work "Spaziergang" (A Walk) by Max Beckmann is an allegoric representation that appeals on numerous levels and is closely connected with the artist's life. Beckmann produced the pen and India ink drawing in early 1946 in Amsterdam (the work is dated 7th February on the reverse). In his diary entries of that period, it becomes apparent how much he is marked by war and exile, how much he suffers from illness and weakening strength. Then again, despite all depression, he clings to the hope of finding freedom and new energy in his intended, but still uncertain, emigration to America. The dark and apparently sleepwalking figure does not yet dare the jump and is on the verge of falling into the abyss between the two halves of the bridge, between separated continents. It is the artist himself, who sees the step towards his place of desire, America, as a risk and possible fall. The bridge still seems to be destroyed, the path interrupted and the journey doomed to fail. A multilayered, autobiographical allegory in a way, in which Beckmann uses the motives of dreaming and falling as reappearing main elements of his visual language, also the ocean as the large and frightening female element. Provenance available

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