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Max Liebermann

The Garden in Wannsee Looking Northeast

oil on canvas
73,5 x 92 cm / 28 7/8 x 36 1/4 in.
signed and dated lower right

In 1909, when Liebermann had a country house built on Wannsee, the garden played an important role from the outset. In the following twenty-five years, he created some 200 paintings that predominantly show the garden. The house itself appears only as a backdrop. Here Liebermann shows a view from the garden patch to the front of the house. The lead role is played by the colour composition of the flowers, shrubs, and trees of the garden. The fact that it is a vegetable garden is only recognizable from the lower right corner of the picture, in which Liebermann apparently depicted a bed of cabbage or lettuce. Nothing indicates that the painting was created during the penultimate year of the war, and that large parts of the lawns were repurposed as cabbage fields to feed the family. This painting is a particularly beautiful and large-format example of Liebermann's depiction of perspective among the group of Wannsee paintings. Liebermann’s painting of his kitchen garden in Wannsee is not only a beautiful, summery, colourful garden picture full of light and lightness. Above all, it is a brilliant painterly realization of his idea of art. Provenance available

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