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Erich Heckel

Park of Dilborn

oil on canvas
83,9 x 96,7 cm / 33 x 38 in.
signed and dated lower left verso signed and dated

The painting was created in May or June 1914, when Heckel and his future wife Siddi Riha spent five weeks visiting their friends, the painter Heinrich Nauen and his wife Marie von Malachowski, also an artist. They had left bustling Berlin in May 1911 and had moved into an apartment of 365 square meters in the north wing - including a tower - of Dilborn Castle. The castle was surrounded by a large park, which the two artists used for recreation and as a motif for their art. Their numerous artist friends were also inspired when they came to visit. Among them were, besides Heckel, Helmuth Macke, Heinrich und Adda Campendonk, August und Elisabeth Macke, Franz und Maria Marc and Johan Thorn Prikker. During Heckel‘s visit he and Nauen painted in the park together. Heckel created several works featuring the park. In „Park of Dilborn II“ Heckel created an almost mystical motif. Possibly, the artist has recreated the moment shortly before a spring thunderstorm broke loose. A yellowish light, which usually heralds hail, lies on the darkly looming trees. In the foreground, a path is parting into two forks around a hill. Above the hill, the pale sun is hanging low under a black cloud cover. Heckel created the same motif as a woodcut.

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