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Fernand Léger

La bouteille bleue

oil on canavs
33 x 46 cm / 13 x 18 1/8 in.
signed and dated lower right verso signed, dated and titled

In his still life ‘La bouteille bleue’, created in 1950, Fernand Léger combines everyday objects with biomorphic and abstract forms. The objects around the blue bottle of the title are placed on a small table or a sideboard, some of them are illegible, cryptic in appearance. The painting gives an unclear perspective and conveys unstable statics. Deep space, perspective and gravity are eliminated in this painting. The essence of things as three-dimensional objects located in space is negated. In addition to the objects and their strong black contours, the color distribution plays a major role. Against a green background, Léger distributes black (through the contours) and white, blue, yellow and orange areas. The spectrum thus comprises four of the six primary and complementary colors of the color wheel, red and violet are excluded. This corresponds to Léger's view of the contrast effect, which seeks to achieve a purer, more direct color effect by separating the colors and shifting the complementary principle. Léger is obviously not so much concerned with portraying a random or arranged still life that, as tradition has it, hides a symbolic meaning in the combination and arrangement of the objects. Rather, Léger treats the figurative world in a radically abstract manner as the material of the painter's compositional work. Provenance available

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