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Bernd Zimmer

Tinzenhorn (3)

watercolour on paper
70 x 90 cm / 27 1/2 x 35 1/2 in.
signed and dated lower right

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, one of the founders of the "Brücke", the great reformers of painting in Germany, whose influence went far beyond all frontiers, and partly continues today. Initially he had gone to Davos for health reasons, but he soon became a passionate painter of the surrounding mountains and the local people. He trans-ferred the bright colours and forceful brush-stroke of Expressionism to these motifs. Bernd Zimmer also founded an artist group with like-minded friends as a young man. Bernd Zimmer also founded an artist group as a young man. In 1977 in Berlin, Zimmer, Rainer Fetting, Helmut Middendorf, Salomé and others called themselves the "Neue Wilde" (New Savages). Their paintings were temperamental, colourful, expressive and representational - at a time when abstraction was the measure of all things and represen-tational painting was frowned upon. The paragons of the New Savages were the artists of the Brücke. In 2010, Zimmer again gave his attention to Kirchner, whom he calls "a special point of reference". The Tinzenhorn mountain, painted by Kirchner several times, especially interested him. Zimmer created a whole series of works depicting the Tinzen-horn. In the comparison with Kirchner's works, Bernd Zimmer passes with flying colours.

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