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Imi Knoebel

Figur 15

acrylic on fibreboard, on wood
170 x 250 cm / 66 7/8 x 98 3/8 in.
verso signed and dated

Imi Knoebel radically rejects any kind of representation in his works. Although he often paints, he does not see himself as a painter, and thinks that painting should not be a “calling”, a “theory” or a “doctrine”. Even during his studies he refused to learn how to bring something to the canvas with brush and paint. He wanted to find his own material and techniques. In his works, Knoebel explores the relation and interaction between space, form and colour. He combines white or primarily coloured strips and rectangles, which makes his works simultaneously a picture, a relief and an installation. Despite the smooth surface, the lines in his compositions are not drawn or painted, but real edges between separate elements. For many years the artist used only black and white for his works – and the brown of the Masonite he used as a picture carrier. Next, he created the “Mennige-Bilder”, for which he painted boards of different shapes with lead oxide red. In 1977, after the death of his friend Blinky Palermo, he painted “24 Colours – For Blinky”. From then on, he used primary colours. In 2006 Knoebel created a series which answers Barnett Newan’s question “Who’s Afraid of Red Yellow and Blue?” with: “Not I”. But while the works of Newman are about the elevated, the immersion into colour as an epiphany, Knoebel’s works are cheerfully matter-of-fact. Provenance available

Price on request

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