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Galerie Thomas Modern in Munich's art district has been committed to established contemporary art since 2009. Drawing on the experience of Galerie Thomas, which has been dealing art for more than 50 years, Galerie Thomas Modern is focussed on Modern and Contemporary Art with an international sphere of influence.

The gallery's range comprises works of renowned artists from the fields of Pop Art, ZERO, US Post-war Art, and American Abstract Expressionism. Moreover, Galerie Thomas Modern represents individual positions of established German artists after 1945. International artists from the younger scene round off its programme and point towards the future.

Personal consultations at the gallery and art fairs as well as dialogues at the collectors' homes are central to the gallery. It is the exchange with artists, potential buyers and art connoisseurs that motivates Raimund Thomas and Silke Thomas and inspires their actions.

The History

Galerie Thomas was opened in the mid 1960s as a pure avant-garde gallery with exhibitions of contemporary artists. Over the history of the gallery, the focus has shifted to Classic Modernism and German Expressionism.

Forty-five years later, in 2009, Raimund Thomas and Silke Thomas decided to build on the vision of the first years by founding a second gallery devoted to presenting established Contemporary Art: Galerie Thomas Modern. The large exhibition rooms at Türkenstrasse meet character and standards of a museum and enable Galerie Thomas Modern to keep up with international forms of presenting Contemporary Art.

From 2009 to 2014 - The Exhibition Highlights of the First Five Years

The opening exhibition in October 2009 presented works by Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer and Cy Twombly. Subsequently, the rooms at Türkenstrasse 16 became a platform for the lifesize, poignant sculptures of the American artist George Segal.

With the presentation of the 'Scheibenbilder' by Ernst Wilhelm Nay in 2010, a bridge was built to the Classic programme of the gallery at Maximilianstrasse, while further exhibitions with works by Joan Mitchell, Sam Francis and Peter Halley intensively dealt with US Abstract Painting.

Pop Art and other positions of American representational painting were also shown in large solo exhibitions of important works by Andy Warhol, Chuck Close, Tom Wesselmann and others. The exhibition 'Popular' was devoted to the connection between the everyday world, pop culture and art, expanding the perspective to include the younger generation, with works by Sylvie Fleury, Wim Delvoye or Takashi Murakami.

Exhibitions such as 'Licht' (Light) with works by Dan Flavin, François Morellet and Keith Sonnier, or the cross-gallery exhibition 'Familienbande' (Family Ties), which dealt with artistic work within family constellations, offered visitors a thematic overview by exploring the works of several artists at the same time.

In 2011, there was an exciting cooperation with the Bavarian State Opera. The Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch had taken on the production of Olivier Messiaen's opera 'Saint François d’Assise'. Parallel to the opening of the opera, Galerie Thomas Modern arranged an exhibition of selected works. In order to present the provocative work of Nitsch in all its complexity, Türkenstrasse 16 became a stage for artist talks and a series of panel discussions.

Dealing with German contemporary art, Galerie Thomas Modern of course kept coming back to one of the most influential artist personalities of all: Joseph Beuys. In late 2011, an exhibition of a large selection of works on sale, including installations, objects, drawings and multiples, took place at Galerie Thomas Modern. With the large solo exhibition of Rebecca Horn in late 2014, Galerie Thomas Modern confirmed its aim and intention to develop and continue its program on the highest international level.

From 2014 to Today - Fifth Anniversary and Expansion

In 2014, Galerie Thomas Modern celebrated its fifth anniversary and took stock. The gallery had become firmly established in Munich's art quarter and met with great response. Therefore, Raimund Thomas and Silke Thomas decided to undertake a fresh start by moving the Classic programme of Galerie Thomas from Maximilianstrasse to Türkenstrasse in 2015. The works of the Expressionists and of the proponents of Classic Modernism were to unfold their effect in the generous rooms. Now, both conceptual core areas of the gallery - Classic and Contemporary - are united under the same roof.


Comprehensive art consultation is a matter of trust. For more than 50 years, Galerie Thomas has been dealing paintings and objects from the fields of Classic Modernism, Expressionism, and Post-War Art.

Based on our standing networks, we offer you experienced advice and competence when it comes to buying and selling works of art. Moreover, we are pleased to assist you in all matters involved in dealing with art.


Our range of services includes:

> Buying and selling of artworks

> Art-historical classification and documentation of works entrusted to us for sale

> Valuation

> Supervision of authentication by the relevant experts

> Conception and analysis of collections

> Facilitation of art-historical documentation and archiving, as well as cataloguing of collections

> Mediating art loans from private collections for national and international museum exhibitions as well as fiduciary administration of permanent loans from private collections for museums

> Contact with insurance experts

> Contact with tax experts in connection with endowments, inheritances or loans for museums

> Advice on framing, hanging, lighting

> Contact with experienced art shippers for transportation at home and abroad

> Advice in matters of preserving and restoring works of art 

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