9x Emil Nolde

On the occasion of Emil Nolde’s 150th birthday on August 7 of this year, we are celebrating the northern German artist by publishing a small catalogue. 

In this special edition of our series 9x we are presenting an exquisitely colourful selection of nine watercolours by the expressionist artist, who is considered one of the greatest watercolour painters of the past century.

Already in the year 1964 two watercolours by Nolde were included in the very first exhibition at Galerie Thomas. In his watercolour works Nolde was able to express himself in an exceptional manner like no other artist.

Never living far from the sea, the wide, flat, and sparse landscape of his nordic home was close to his heart. He staged it in atmospheric colours. His interest in people is evident in the portraits he created. In later work periods compositions with figures also play an important role, which do not have their origin in reality, but in the artist’s imagination - incidents of nature and deep personal sentiments are artistically blended in them. And last but not least there are the vibrant flower still lifes, which accompanied the artist almost continuously until his death. All these important themes of Nolde’s work are to be found in these nine watercolours.

Download the 9x Emil Nolde catalogue

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