Relief paper works


Andreas Kocks at the 'Schnittstelle' exhibition in Bonn 

“It is the contradiction between the lightweight, vulnerable material and the vital, drawn gesture,” says Silke Thomas, “that gives Andreas Kocks’s works their dynamism and strength.” For the special exhibition 'Schnittstelle – Cut-out trifft Schattenriss’ (‘Interface - Cut-Out Meets Silhouette’), in the new building at August Macke House in Bonn, the Munich and New York-based artist has now created an expansive installation of floral elements: Exile From Paradise (#1803G), graphite on watercolour paper.

 The “Schnittstelle” exhibition in Bonn will show works by 16 contemporary artists in total, dealing in their different ways with a traditional medium and its contemporary interpretation: The old paper cutting technique, with its limited repertoire of formats and shapes, has now evolved into a multiform spectrum of artistic approaches - from minutely small exhibits to large-scale installations, from strict black and white to colour, from floral ornamentation to the political statement. In addition, a hitherto unseen collage by August Macke (1887-1914) will be exhibited.


Andreas Kocks, born in Oberhausen, studied sculpture at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, moved to New York in 1998, and quickly gained a name for himself internationally with his paper works. His “relief paper works” developed from his sculptural drawings when he began cutting into the drawings with a scalpel, thereby gaining space,” says Silke Thomas.

Till November 4, August Macke House in Bonn is presenting the exhibition 'Schnittstelle - Cut-out trifft Schattenriss'.


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