Fondation Beyeler will be showing works from Picasso's blue and pink periods

The world of jugglers and artists

Pablo Picasso was still at the beginning of his world career when he first started painting in blue and later in pink tones. He studied for a short time at the Royal Academy in Madrid, already had his first solo exhibition in Barcelona, which only led to a moderate sales success, and he was already in Paris for the first time - with his close friend Carlos Casagemas on the occasion of the World Exhibition in 1900. With him he shared a studio in Montmartre for several months. In the melancholic pictures of the blue period, many art historians recognize an artistic reaction to Casagemas suicide a short time later.

Picasso paints jugglers in front of empty stands, fragile young men in harlequin costumes, lean women with longing eyes. His Saltimbanques fit wonderfully into the time when jugglers and artists allowed a glimpse of the other side of society. But it is also the time when Picasso first separated from his family, which paved his way into painting from childhood. The pink period was dominated by the circus idyll, which in its style also hinted at Art Nouveau and Symbolism.

The Fondation Beyeler in Basel has collected paintings and sculptures from the years 1901 to 1906, which today rank among the most coveted works of this genius of the century. The exhibition can be seen from February 3 to May 16, 2019.

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Pablo Picasso at Galerie Thomas 


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