A Feeling for the Line

Galerie Thomas Presents Prints and Drawings by Henri Matisse

In his prints and drawings, Henri Matisse more or less confined himself to a single subject: the female line. “Yet there is no other genre of art that more aptly illuminates his legendary productivity than drawing and printmaking,” says Silke Thomas. Galerie Thomas is presenting nearly fifty prints and drawings by the great French artist who pioneered modernism and was the main exponent of Fauvism.

 Matisse: “Drawing Expresses the Particularity of My Feelings.”

Aside from a few still lives, landscapes, and self-portraits, in his prints and drawings Henri Matisse concentrated on women in portraits and other compositions. As a lifelong, confident, and insatiable graphic artist, Matisse particularly liked emphasising the outlines: "My line drawing is the direct realisation of my feeling and its purest expression. . . . However, these drawings are more complete than those who mistake them for a kind of sketch might think,” said the artist.

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