Our New Masterworks Catalogue VI

Unique brush stroke

Galerie Thomas publishes its sixth catalogue of masterpieces

What makes a masterpiece a masterpiece? Why do some works have the power and charisma to shape the history of art? And under what circumstances were these works created? Galerie Thomas is pleased to pursue these questions in its sixth catalogue of masterpieces.
The canvas painted on both sides Brick Factory/Houses near Rome by Erich Heckel, for example, was created in 1908/09. The artist painted Brick Factory during one of his summer retreats in Dangast, a small fishing village in Northern Germany, where members of Brücke spent several summers. On the other side of the canavs can be found a “souvenir” of a journey, which led Heckel to Italy in 1909. From today’s perspective, it is indisputable, that both sides represent equivalent and independent works from different creative phases of Heckel, which depict his artistic development in an impressive manner.

Emil Nolde’s painting Autumn Sea XII shows Nolde’s amazing capacity, not only to capture the sight, the physical experience of the sea in the picture, but to create a metaphor for mental states and the nature of those forces by evoking these sensations. This, for Nolde, as representative of Expressionism, represented an existential task of painting, which they sought to capture in their art.
In addition to these two, the new catalogue Masterpieces VI also contains other high-quality works by Max Liebermann, Alexej von Jawlensky, Max Pechstein, Otto Mueller, Oskar Schlemmer, Max Ernst, Sam Francis and Alexander Calder.

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