Paintings by Bernd Zimmer in Kassel and Aachen

Glowing reflections of our universe

The “New Savage” Bernd Zimmer is turning 70 – and is being celebrated by museums and galleries. In the run-up to our exhibition, which opens on Thursday, 8 November, in October the “Neue Galerie” museum in Kassel invited guests to a vernissage showing Bernd Zimmer’s Kristallwelt (Crystal World).

The museum in northern Hesse shows paintings from the last twenty years, with a special focus on the interconnection between physical and metaphysical phenomena. The paintings come from the Wüste (Desert), Cosmos, Reflexion (Reflection), and Kristallwelt (Crystal World) series, presenting a comprehensive survey of canvas works and woodcuts in a direct spatial context.

Search for motifs in the punk scene
Since mid-October, the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen has been exhibiting a dedicated review titled Die Erfindung der Neuen Wilden (The Invention of the Neue Wilde). On show are works of art and the subculture of the 1980s, including several pieces by Zimmer: “Around 1980 the artists experimented with bold texts, photographs, fashion, performance, film, music – and giant canvases. They found their subjects and motifs in the subcultures of large cities, in the gay scene, or in the punk and new wave movement. Museums and collectors scrambled over each other to get paintings from the so-called Neue Wilde (New Savages),” it says in the exhibition catalogue.

Link to the neue galerie Museum in Kassel

Link to the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen

Link to Bernd Zimmer's official homepage

Link to the current Bernd Zimmer exhibition at Galerie Thomas Modern 

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