Right through the very heart of it

Peter Halley’s site-specific commission New York, New York opens tonight

“I grew up in Midtown, just a few blocks from Lever House. It was constructed the year before I was born, so it was always part of the landscape of my childhood. The lobby is a classic Mies van der Rohe glass box. It provided an irresistible opportunity to create a post-modern intervention within this paradigmatic modernist space.” Peter Halley

We are pleased to announce this outstanding installation of an American artist, whom we are exclusively representing in Germany. Peter Halley’s installation at Lever House in the heart of Manhattan is first encountered from several blocks away. Viewers see a block-long, horizontal band of yellow light emanating from the line of windows on the building’s second-floor, propelling the installation into the public sphere.

In his immersive installation, Halley is inviting viewers to feel as if they are walking through the space created by one of his paintings. In the lobby, Halley has installed six shaped canvas paintings — their intense Day-Glo colors altered by the yellow light. At the end of a passageway, its walls muraled with a printed collage of digitized reproductions of Halley’s sketches from the early 1980s, are two chambers. In one, the walls are covered with a grid of polychromatic explosion images, printed on metallic foil and illuminated by continually changing colored spotlights. The other chamber is lit by ultra-violet black light illuminating walls covered with a dense latticework of interlocking rectangular forms.

In his work Peter Halley refers in various forms to human insolation and containment, his paintings are “diagrams of our geometrically regimented, digitally networked society, equally informed by the post-structuralism of Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard”, as Julia Felsenthal wrote in the New York Times. We are pleased to call your attention to this installation.


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