We are constantly looking for artworks for our clients. In addition to specific requests we are generally interested in works by all artists represented by the gallery.
Currently we are seeking:

Hans (Jean) Arp
  • sculptures (lifetime casts)
  • late paper collages
Ernst Barlach
  • sculptures, especially lifetime cast, in particular "Der Rächer" and "Der singende Mann"
Max Beckmann
  • "Selbstbildnis mit steifem Hut" ("Self-Portrait with Bowler Hat"), etching, 1921
  • portfolio "Stadtnacht"
  • "Die Hölle" (hell), 1919 - porfolio of 11 lithographs
  • small oil painting, landscape
  • oil painting, still life
  • "Königin Bar II", etching, 1923
  • "Gruppenbildnis Edenbar" ("Group Portrait, Eden Bar"), woodcut, 1923
Alexander Calder
  • oil painting, geometric
  • mobile, up to c. 150 cm
  • tabletop, stabile-mobile
Marc Chagall
  • small format oil painting with horse motif
  • small format oil painting, blue-ground, typical motif
Lovis Corinth
  • oil paintings
Otto Dix
  • museum quality works
Max Ernst
  • sculptures
  • German Expressionist colourful work on paper
  • Expressionist postcards from artists of the „Blue Rider“ and the „Bruecke“ group
George Grosz
  • museum quality works
Günter Haese
  • sculptures
Erich Heckel
  • Top quality oil from the Bruecke period
Alexej von Jawlensky
  • oil painting from the series "Abstrakte Köpfe" or "Saviours Face"
  • "Meditations"
  • works from 1908-1914
  • Lithograph “Head 1922”, Rosenbach 17
  • large 'meditation' in light, cheerful colors
Wassily Kandinsky
  • oil painting or watercolour from the Bauhaus period
  • oil painting before 1914
Paul Klee
  • works on paper on original artist mounting board
  • oil painting
Georg Kolbe
  • bronze sculpture "Niedergebeugte"
Fernand Léger
  • oil painting or colourful work on paper
Max Liebermann
  • oil paintings
August Macke
  • colourful watercolour
  • oil
Franz Marc
  • oil painting
Marino Marini
  • oil painting, very colourful
Otto Mueller
  • top quality oil painting
  • print, "Zigeunermappe", Karsch-number 160, 162, 163, 164
Edvard Munch
  • Substantial oil painting
  • Lithograph „Self-portrait with Skeleton Arm“, Woll 37
Gabriele Münter
  • Canvas, 1908-1914
Emil Nolde
  • watercolour from the series of "unpainted pictures"
Max Pechstein
  • watercolour with motif of water and/or ship
Francis Picabia
  • oil painting, woman’s portrait
Pablo Picasso
  • Good quality drawings for different clients from the cubist period to the late work, especially busts and portraits from the 1950ies
  • ceramic, unique works
Christian Schad
  • museum quality oil painting
Oskar Schlemmer
  • work on paper
  • oil painting
Renée Sintenis
  • dog sculpture, preferably 'terrier'
Pierre Soulages
  • important oil from 1955 to 1962

Works by all artists from our programme of Classic Modern and German Expressionism

Fernando Botero
  • "Dancers", bronze sculpture, c. 180 - 200 cm height
  • oil, small format, no nude figures from the 1980ies and 1990ies
  • oil painting from 1983
John Chamberlain
  • wall sculptures
Tony Cragg
  • outdoor sculpture, elegant and slim appearance, height about 200 to 250 cm
Sam Francis
  • oil, landscape format, 1960ies, blue colours
Gotthard Graubner
  • small format cushion work
Rebecca Horn
  • blue coloured work on paper from the series „Eiszeit“
Anselm Kiefer
  • work on canvas, c. 200 x 300 cm, landscape, light colours, without photo
  • canvas - small to medium size
  • small to medium size, photo, overpainted, preferably a material painting
Adolf Luther
  • black mirror object
Joan Mitchell
  • oil painting, smaller size
Louise Nevelson
  • small wood box, unique work
  • small box
Ben Nicholson
  • small canvas
Nam June Paik
  • "Buddha TV"
  • "Car" or "Beetle"
Otto Piene
  • ZERO grate picture, white/black or grey
  • canvas from the 1960ies/70ies
  • works on paper from the 1950ies and 1960ies
Gerhard Richter
  • abstract oil painting, strong colours, c. 50 to 60 cm
Richard Serra
  • work on paper, up to 200 x 200 cm, preferably smaller, pastose colour application
Niele Toroni
  • museum quality work
Günther Uecker
  • black nail painting, small format
  • edition “Zeitungsblock”
Franz Erhard Walther
  • "Wandgesang"
Tom Wesselmann
  • coloured steel cut with lying woman, c. 150 cm width

Works from Pop Art and Abstract American Expressionism

Georg Baselitz

Antony Gormley

Anselm Kiefer

Joan Mitchell

Gerhard Richter

Cy Twombly

Günther Uecker

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